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Birthing Injuries with Barbara MacFarlane - Torkin Manes LegalPoint Video

Barbara MacFarlane discusses birthing injuries as part of the Torkin Manes LegalPoint Video Series.

The birth of a child is usually the happiest time in your life. Or at least it should be. But…Sometimes things can go wrong. You put your trust in medical professionals to help you deliver your baby safely.  They are trained to watch for and handle medical emergencies. 

If proper medical care is not provided to you or your baby, serious injuries can happen.

For example, a baby could become distressed during labour and needs help. If a doctor or nurses miss the warning signs or the baby is not delivered in a timely way a terrible brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy can happen.

Another example might be a baby with shoulder dystocia. Basically, the baby’s shoulder gets stuck and labour stops. If a doctor uses excess force on the baby delivering a baby with shoulder dystocia a brachial plexus injury can occur. The nerves in the baby’s neck can be permanently damaged affecting the use of the baby’s arm and hand. It could even cause a permanent injury to the baby’s brain. 

These lifelong injuries can have a devastating impact on the babies and their families. Often, children born with brain injuries or nerve injuries will require extra care and support for their whole life. The costs associated with this care could be huge. 

Injuries suffered at birth affects not just the baby but the entire family.

If you or someone you love has suffered from a medical mistake, we are experienced medical malpractice trial lawyers and we can help.

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