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Toronto’s emerging technology scene is in a rapid phase of acceleration. For emerging companies and entrepreneurs with a passion and determination to succeed, the path to growing your vision into a successful business can be intimidating to navigate.

The Emerging Technology Group at Torkin Manes is passionate about supporting and accelerating the growth of emerging technology companies. We represent organizations at every stage, from start-ups to established public companies.  We work with our clients as trusted partners and advisors who support their business needs and help them achieve their full potential.

Our team members are at the forefront of the fast-paced Canadian technology sector and can help connect you with potential opportunities that will accelerate your business. Our insight into emerging markets and investment opportunities provides deep and informed access to potential funders. We have built a strong legal referral community and have relationships with leading venture capital funds, growth equity funds, private equity funds, major corporations, institutions and growing private companies, all of which can be leveraged to help early stage ventures succeed.

Our group is comprised of a diverse group of lawyers who have the skills and resources to solve the wide range of issues and legal requirements that emerging ventures face —from corporate and tax structuring and fundraising and shareholder agreements to employment and compensation-related matters — we have a deep understanding of how companies in the technology space are formed, financed, grown and taken public or merged.

The members of our Emerging Technology Group work collaboratively to support your business, with expertise in various practice areas such as Technology, Privacy and Data Management, Corporate Finance & Securities, Tax and Employment & Labour.  We are able to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all your legal needs as your company continues to grow. 

For more information and assistance, please contact a member of our Emerging Technology Group.

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Lisa R. Lifshitz

Practice Group Lead

Tel: 416 775 8821  Fax: 1 877 689 3891
Email: llifshitz@torkinmanes.com

Kobi Bessin

Tel: 416 643 8805  Fax: 1 844 842 9185
Email: kbessin@torkinmanes.com

Claire Feltrin

Tel: 416 643 8814   Fax: 416 863 0305
Email: cfeltrin@torkinmanes.com

Hunter Forman

Tel: 416 777 5361  Fax: 1 888 312 0073
Email: hforman@torkinmanes.com

Yale Hertzman

Tel: 416 594 4481  Fax: 1 844 275 6204
Email: yhertzman@torkinmanes.com

Kay Leung

Tel: 416 777 5428  Fax: 1 888 812 2561
Email: kleung@torkinmanes.com

Myron Mallia-Dare

Tel: 416 775 8827  Fax: 1 888 463 8130
Email: mmallia-dare@torkinmanes.com

Adrian Myers

Tel: 416 775 8826  Fax: 1 888 732 6507
Email: amyers@torkinmanes.com

Andrew J. Wilder

Tel: 416 777 5402  Fax: 1 888 587 5762
Email: awilder@torkinmanes.com

Practice Group Lead(s)

Lisa R. Lifshitz 416 775 8821 llifshitz@torkinmanes.com

Practice Group Lawyers

Kobi Bessin 416 643 8805 kbessin@torkinmanes.com
Claire Feltrin 416 643 8814 cfeltrin@torkinmanes.com
Hunter Forman 416 777 5361 hforman@torkinmanes.com
Yale Hertzman 416 594 4481 yhertzman@torkinmanes.com
Kay Leung 416 777 5428 kleung@torkinmanes.com
Myron Mallia-Dare 416 775 8827 mmallia-dare@torkinmanes.com
Adrian Myers 416 775 8826 amyers@torkinmanes.com
Andrew J. Wilder 416 777 5402 awilder@torkinmanes.com
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