May 10, 2018

Barbara MacFarlane quoted about suing a doctor for delay that cost woman her life

The children of a single mom who died after vomiting up blood in a movie theatre washroom, while waiting months for an “urgent” procedure, are suing two  doctors for $2.25 million.

Ashley Soulliere, Derek Soulliere and Taylor Mallen are claiming their mom died because doctors took too long to treat and assess a life-threatening liver condition.

Pamela Matthews, 45, died Aug. 18, 2009 in an air ambulance on the way to a London hospital, where she was being sent for an emergency liver transplant.

“My mom needs justice,” Ashley Soulliere said in court Monday. “I don’t believe what happened was right. She was way too young to pass away.”

“I want her story heard. She worked so hard all her life. All she cared about was her children.”

Dr. Osman Ahmed Tarabain and Dr. Joham Ishaq Farhan are named in the civil suit.

This article was published in the Windsor Star. To read the full article, please click here.

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