Apr 16, 2018

Sumeet Dhanju-Dhillon at the Young Professional Women's Symposium on Leadership, May 3rd in Toronto

Join Sumeet (Sonu) Dhanju-Dhillon at the upcoming Young Professional Women's (YPW) Symposium on Leadership for her panel discussion with Emerging Leaders. The Symposium is generously supported by the Ministry of Status of Women (Ontario Government), the City of Toronto and Linked In. This event is geared towards emerging female leaders and young professionals (between the ages of 20-35) who want to create their own success. 

The YPW's Symposium on Leadership takes an intersectional approach to understanding enablers, challenges and barriers, and considers how gender identity and expression impact professional experience alongside race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and indigeneity. This event addresses the gap in professionalization programming, which does not fully address the unique needs and interests of young women. Together, we will explore more about what young professional women need and what they can offer each other, develop opportunities for coaching and mentoring, highlight inspirational speakers and further discuss skill-centered workshops. The afternoon will allow you to network with other established and ambitious women, help you become successful in your career, take on new challenges, and develop new skills. 

For more information and to register, click here